PCC Century Test

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Next weekend I’m going to be one of the assistant instructors at the Progressive Calisthenics Certification in Mountain View, CA.

I look forward to teaching others tips and progressions of bodyweight exercises. (Plus I always pick up a few insights myself at these events.)

Anyway, I want to share a “workout” with you.

In order to pass the certification you need a base level of bodyweight strength and skill.

This test is called the Century Test.

Even if you never plan to do this certification this can be a fun goal to work towards.

Unlike some other fitness certifications where you just pay and show up to get a certificate, you pretty much have to be in a great physical form to pass the Progressive Calisthenics Certification Century test and become PCC certified trainer. It involves performing the following exercises:

  • 40 Squats
  • 30 Pushups
  • 20 Hanging Knee Raises
  • 10 Pullups

In the test you may also do chin-ups instead of pullups. As these are typically easier, many people do go with them.

Rest may be taken between sets, though each set must be done unbroken. I chose to go further and do it without any breaks, which is certainly tougher. Going from the hanging knee raises to the pullups without letting go of the bar is one of the more challenging parts.

The above is the PCC Century Test for men. The requirements for women are similar, except just two exercise differences. Instead of pushups women can do kneeling pushups. And instead of pullups they do inverted rows, aka Australian pullups. So in all it looks like this:

  • 40 Squats
  • 30 Kneeling Pushups
  • 20 Hanging Knee Raises
  • 10 Australian Pullups

As with any exercise this can be modified up and down to make it harder or easier. Besides more or less reps, and more or less rest, you can change the difficulty of any exercise. A super human could work towards the following:

  • 40 One Legged Squats
  • 30 Handstand Pushups
  • 20 Full Hanging Leg Raises
  • 10 Alternating One Arm Pullups

That would be impressive!

For more details on the form necessary to pass check out this article from Al Kavadlo. 


  1. haha i believe the century test a tad bit TOO easy for the likes of u!! 😉
    [[more like, a REST DAY workout]]

    thankfully, u also outlined a ridiculous “harder” version for those interested in partaking of New Avengers membership!!

    do tell how the certification goes, eh?

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