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Thanks to Doug over at Rise Above Performance Training I’ve got more video from the event. In a previous post, I talked mostly about the competition.

In this one, we have the performances. I often tell people the difference between modern strongman and oldtime strongman is the first is competition based while the second is performance based. There are other differences of course but that is the main one.

In this first video I demonstrate a few of the basic feats. Whenever I go somewhere there are usually the feats I take to perform. The reason being that they’re small and easy to carry. This includes bending a bolt, bending a spike, tearing a phonebook in three, and finally bending a horseshoe. As this was after the competition I was a bit tired, with the horseshoe giving me some trouble making me resort to trapping it to get started, but I still finished it.

Then they requested I did a little kettlebell juggling. Just a few moves here with the 24kg bell. If you want to do all these and more be sure to check out The Definitive Guide to Kettlebell Juggling.

After that it was time to eat. And what great food they had.

Hope you enjoyed these.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. I was recently interviewed for the new site Brothers of Strength put out by Nate and Josh Day. Check it out here.


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