Phonebook Tearing Battle

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I haven’t spent much time on phonebook tearing recently. Simply because some of my other feats need more work, like tearing decks of cards.

But I’d still throw it into my workouts every once in a while. Most of the time this was at the end and I’d use a large book for isometrics.

This phonebook was a monster measuring over 3 1/4” from down in the Los Angeles area.

Well one day it started to tear. And every so often I’d get it a little further. But like I said I’d do this at the end of my workouts so my hands were already beat from other exercises.

The tear had gotten down about an inch or so of the book. Then I decided I was going to finish it. It was battle and certainly not a quick one. But on that day the score was Logan: 1 – Phonebook: 0.

Phonebook Tear

Most of the time you want to work on things you know are within your ability, but there are times when you need to go all out and strive for something you don’t know if you can do.

In strength,
Logan Christopher


  1. “awsome” I do phonebooks myself and decks of cards hey for something alittle diffrent and a killer on the wrist use handcuff ( PUT THE HANDCUFFS ON AND THEN TRY TO RIPP THE DECK IN HALF) I know at one time there was a picture of me ripping a deck in half in cuffs on Dennis Rogers site. I know Pat Povilaitis has ripped a phonebook in half with hand cuffs.

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