Saxon, Sandow and others want to help you

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I got an idea for something that hasn’t been done before in this field and it really got me excited.

You know, there’s a goldmine of strength training and physical culture information left behind by some of the strongest men that ever walked this earth. Ripe for the taking. But how much of it is put into action?

How many people learn the secrets of the Iron Masters?

I’ve got an idea to help everyone involved get the most out of their books. But before I do a whole bunch of work and get everything ready I wanted to know if it would interest you too.

I have a real short survey set up. Its all of 6 questions and the majority of them are multiple choice. Shouldn’t take more than a minute to fill out.

So could you do me this big favor and give me your thoughts? It’d help me out.

Thanks ahead of time.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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