Podcast: Barefoot Running with Zane Christopher

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In this podcast interview my brother Zane Christopher on the topic of Barefoot Running. Zane has run been barefoot running for a number of years and has even done completely barefoot marathons (completed in 4 hours 14 minutes at Big Sur, and 3 hours 47 minutes in his latest one).

  • Why do barefoot running?
  • The differences between high priced running shoes, minimalist shoes and 100% bare feet.
  • How heel striking may be causing you injuries and how to do the fore or mid foot strike instead
  • Important often-overlooked technique details
  • The different body mechanics in walking, jogging, and sprinting
  • Pose Running vs. Chi Running. vs Barefoot Running
  • What to do to ease into barefoot running to minimize pain and injuries
  • And much more

Zane Christopher barefoot running the the Rock n’ Roll Marathon in San Diego

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  1. SInce Cloud told me years ago about fore foot striking, I have been focused on trying to do just that, in shoes. I feel like this allows me to conserve energy and go longer distances. Zane, I was confused when you said that you bring your heel down after a mid or fore foot strike? Can you explain this in more detail?

    1. I just meant to explain that if you do not bring your heel down to touch or ‘kiss’ the ground, you put a lot of strain on the Achilles tendon which can lead to tightness and eventual injury. This means, your fore- or mid-foot touch the ground first, the heel following down after that. Bringing the heel down releases that build up energy and turns your foot and lower leg into a spring, helping launch your foot off of the ground and, thus, conserving energy. The more energy you can conserve the longer you can maintain your pace and the further you will be able to go. Everyone is different though and if you prefer to not bring it down then do what you works for you. Does that help?

  2. Zane,
    Triumphant podcast on barefoot/ Vibram Five Finger running. Keep up all the great work. I will definitely be checking out the book “Born to run”.

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