Podcast: How to Learn Parkour with Thomas Tapp Part 1

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Here is an excellent podcast all about how to learn parkour, specifically what you training should look like beginner or advanced. It features Thomas Tapp a successful parkour athlete.

  • The 7 Building Blocks to become good at Parkour
  • How much time is spent on strength and conditioning versus skill work?
  • Are weights a good training tool?
  • How do you combine parkour with some of the gymnastic feats like flags?
  • How do you find good locations?
  • The 80/20 rule of the top parkour athletes
  • How many moves go into a run?
  • Ninja Warrior Training

This interview on parkour is split up into two parts so stay tuned next week for part two.

Resources from Thomas Tapp:
Parkour Crash Course Parkour Academy
Get Your Backflip Now
How to Human Flag

Click here to access the complete transcript.


  1. Cool article (part 1)! 🙂
    The complete transcript is definitely a must read. 😀

  2. Jonathan is a great sympathetic guy. A gifted athlete whith teaching talent. Thanks for the Interview ♥

  3. Ups, I meant the interviewed Thomas in this case (._.); but anyway, the description applies to both.

  4. That was an awesome interview. I loved the fact that it was clear and with details. this will be put into good use.


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