Podcast: Mike Fitch on Hand Balancing

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I caught up with Mike Fitch from Global Bodyweight Training in this excellent interview focused on deepening your bodyweight training and specifically hand balancing.

Mike Fitch Handstand

Mike demonstrating a frog stand with extension on one side.

  • Different Styles of Hand Balancing Training
  • Starting with highest neurological training
  • Regressive or accumulation training
  • Be still. Be fluid. Be strong.
  • Becoming a Master of Speed and Slowness
  • Why bodyweight training may be the best option for mastering movement
  • Focused on a Skill or Open Practice Time?
  • The Value of Crossing Disciplines

As we discuss in this interview Mike has just released a new DVD on Hand Balancing and it is awesome. Not only is it professionally shot, but covers four disciplines of hand balancing with tons of exercises in each. These exercises could keep you busy for years.

Mike and I go back a few years, so he’s hooking you up with a $10 off coupon on the video. Just enter the promocode ‘LOGAN14’ when checking out.


Not only that, but as a bonus anyone who picks up a copy through the link below and forwards a copy of their reciept to [email protected] will get a copy of one of my hand balancing ebooks for FREE. This is an extra gift to give you even more hand balancing information.

  • Secrets of the Handstand (perfect if you’re just starting out)
  • Hand Balancing Made Easy (great if you can do a handstand but aren’t much further along)
  • Walking and Jumping On Your Hands (the title says it all, if you want these skills get this book)
  • How to do the One Hand Handstand (if you’re ready for this lofty goal)

Check out Hand Balancing for the Bodyweight Athlete here.

Click here to access the complete transcript.

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