Podcast: My 2013 Training Goals

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In this podcast I discuss setting goals for the New Year and what my specific training goals are for this year.

  • What are my training goals for 2013?
  • Public commitment as a double edged sword. The positive and negative sides to this tool.
  • The difference in planning for a strength feat versus a skill feat
  • How a hater spurred me on
  • Why I haven’t made as much progress as I might have over the past year
  • And more

As mentioned in this podcast I also talked about New Year’s goals and the processes to hit them in the recent Fitness Money podcast.

Be sure to post your Top 3 training goals for the new year in the comments below. This way you’ll also make a public commitment and I will hold you to them.

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      1. I’m from Atlanta, which is where I train. I have a lot more BIG goals for next year, but I had to narrow them down to three. One arm chin is up there too and this is the year that it’s going to happen! I’ll be at the workshop though, see you there. FYI, first name is Logan but I go by Matt.

  1. Yo Logan, my TOP 3 Biggest and MOST Ferocious Feats of Strength Goals for NEXT year are definitely these:

    1.) Succesfully Bend a 12″ Drop Forged Steel Crescent Wrench into a “U” UNDER a Minute!
    2.) 400 Reps with the 16KG Kettlebell in the 10 Minutes Snatch Test with Multiple Hand Switches & 350 reps with the 24KG in 10 Minutes with Multiple Hand Switches!

    And last but definitely NOT least:

    3.) 1-Arm Pullup on EACH arm!

    That’s what’s up man! I’ve got way MORE Feats of Strength & Skill Feats that I wanna hit in the next year, but these are the ones that jump up in my mind as the first 3 by FAR!

    Although the Snatch Tests are 2 of them, I DO however, consider them being just one, as they belong to the same family of Feats of Strength as well!

    Happy New Year to you as well Logan and I’ll see you in a couple of days! It’s going to be awesome and mad cool meeting up with you and the rest again, CAN’T wait!

  2. Hey Logan,

    My top 3 training goals are as follow:

    1) Be able to do a Handstand without a wall(Have your book on Kindle great info)
    2) Lose 2 more inches of my waist
    3) Recovery to full strength from my left knee injury

  3. This year my three main goals are to:
    a) do a pistol squat on each leg- so far my legs are strong enough but im just working through some ankle and hip mobility to bottom out so I’m only a few months away

    b) perform 5 climb-ups effortlessly- similar move as a muscle up, need to groove the skill more and strengthen pulling to my sternum and dipping deeper

    c) perform a one arm pushup with each arm

    there are a few others, but they all are related to parkour or supplement the three main goals

  4. 15 free standing handstand pushups
    500 hindu pushups
    20 minute neck bridge

    What’d I get myself into hahaha 🙂

  5. 400 lb deadlift
    100 lb 1 arm snatch
    5-1 arm pushups (2 legs, close together)
    5-headstand pushups
    500 mixed exercises in 20 minutes (Hindu squats, Hindu pushups, swings)

  6. What exercises have the most carryover to others? (i.e. deadlift seems to be one of the highest, but isolation do not)
    -Are deadlift and pullup connected? 1 arm pushups and overhead press?

    1. Author

      Yes, any compound exercises tend to have carryover to others. In general the ones that require full body strength will carry over to more regardless of where that strength needs to be generated. But for the most part you’re looking at muscles used. Deadlifts may carry over in some general way to pull-ups but not as much as one arm pushups and overhead pressing as those use many of the same muscles (triceps, shoulders and chest).

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