nutrition and physical degeneration

Podcast: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

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I’ve just finished reading a classic book in the health field. While so many people talk about their theories of eating, one many studied the source, by going back to native peoples and looking at their health and diet before they became westernized.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price is that book. There are so many powerful lessons to be learned that I devoted this entire podcast to reading quotes from this book.

  • The use of animal products in all natural diets
  • How natives treated pregnancy that is so different from our thoughts today
  • Why Acid and Alkaline foods DON’T matter
  • The varying diets of native people from all around the world
  • How variety is NOT so important when it comes to food
  • What Weston A Price determined to be the most important vitamins for health, and how to enhance how your body uses these
  • The ancient wisdom that we have lost
  • Is your heredity inhibited? How what your parents ate may effect your intelligence and criminal tendencies.
  • And much more

nutrition and physical degeneration


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  1. Hey Logan, this is quite a coincidence, I saw this book and author mentioned while I was surfing the net. I stumbled on to this site that talked about “URINE THERAPY.” Now I know it sounds gross, but the studies said that our urine contains a vast amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The study also said that urine is not a waste product when excreted because it is a bi-product of our blood and is processed through the kidneys which is separate from the solid waste that is excreted from our body.

    There were also documented cases and testimonies of individuals who were healed from numerous diseases steaming from cancer, tuberculosis, dropsy, etc. Urine can be applied to the skin or ingested, depending on the type of treatment or desired results. It is said to be sterile, anti fungal, anti bacterial, 95% water with the other 5% containing over 200 various nutrients. You need to check this study out if you have not already. If nothing else, it makes for interesting reading. lol

    1. Greg, I’m familiar with urine therapy though I never tried it myself. It certainly sounds interesting but I never made the mental leap to actually try it out for myself.

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