PR Report 10-19-13

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As I mentioned last week I did belief change work around heavy squats. Since doing that, squats have been in every one of my workouts and I’m making great progress.

Of interesting note, in doing research on Bob Peoples for an upcoming article, he stated that he like to deadlift for awhile until he started going stale, then switch to squats and do the same. He felt that he got stronger by going back and forth between the two as the main focus. Since this is my first time in a long time really focusing on squats I should be able to gain pretty far. As for how much it will help my deadlift, I believe it will carry over, but only time will tell.

I’m not just doing full squats but partials in different ranges as well. This week I managed 225 for 10 as well as the partial range of a half squat with 425 for 5. Everything I’ve been doing thus far is starting from the bottom position.

Also as part of my upcoming Strengthen Your Structure course I’ve gotten back to a lift I originally started doing because of Arthur Saxon. Shouldering a barbell is the way to get a bar in place for a bent press, but its also a great exercise on its own. Its harder than it looks.


  1. Hey Logan,

    Really enjoying the PR updates.

    I’ve been using biofeedback style training since 2010 and I have definitely found the transfer from squats to deadlifts to be very effective.

    Like Bob, I’ve focused on one or the other for periods of time and seen a significant jump each time I switch back and forth.



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