PR Report 11-23-13

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A short week of training due to travel, I wanted to make up for lost time by doing a much higher volume of squatting than normal.

Front Squats 135 lbs. 10 x 10

And that made me pretty sore for many days so no more squatting besides that.

I worked on changing up my bending technique slightly as I realized that some changes must be made in the Reverse Style when going from 6″ nails to 7″. The length puts your wrists at a different angle, which for me isn’t as strong as what I’ve practiced much before. So I played with this in order to find what works better. It’s still a work in progress.

Some more solid PR’s in my one arm chin-up work. Sets of 7 on both sides at Level 4. A set of 6 on the left and 5 on the right at Level 5. Also more volume of singles in both Levels 6 and 7. (Those numbers may not mean much to you, but its a path of progressions I’ve been using quite successfully.)


This is what I call Level 7.

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