PR Report 8-31-13

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Overall it was a very good week. I finished up with the PCC the past weekend. As mentioned last week I hit my best ever full human flag which is pictured below. With a little more work on this (as I haven’t been training it at all) I should have a fairly solid hold.

Human Flag

I was hoping for a PR in the front lever but my abs were fairly toast by that point. There were a couple 88 lb. kettlebells on hand and I thought about snatching them. I wasn’t able to pull the double snatch off, but I did do heaviest kettlebell juggle I’d ever tried before with a pair of 88’s.

When I returned home I got right back to my typical training after two much needed days of rest.

Here is a Jefferson deadlift for 10 reps with 405. I used some of the hypnosis and visualization tactics I’ve been talking about recently.

I’d been talking to Bud about one of his Outlaw Challenges that I’ll end up doing sooner or later. It involves a 150 lb dumbbell snatch, followed by 1000 kettlebell swings, and then doing the snatch again with each arm.

I’ve never really worked much on the dumbbell snatch so I decided to see where I was at. I pulled off 120 with my right arm. (Only got 110 with my left). I’ll probably throw some work on this in every once in awhile. I can only imagine working with heavier weights would help with the Beast Snatch Test.

And as mentioned previously my ab wheel rollout is closing in on the full standing version. The next video shows what I call Level 1 (i.e. the lowest level on my power rack) for 3 reps. Yes, I know the form isn’t pretty. But I find as I push this “sloppier form” upwards I can follow in short, with a tightened up technique.

Over the next week I expect some big PR’s.


  1. Awesome Logan very good work seeing these PR reports makes me want to push even more
    I’ve had a very good week for PRs myself
    I hit a 180kg deadlift my previous best being 175kg that was with a belt
    I bench pressed 102.5kg my best just over 2 weeks ago was 85kg
    I front squatted 100kg my previous best being 90kg with a belt
    And I strict pressed 55kg when my best before was 50kgx2 and being only 15 years old I’m quite happy with myself
    After stumbling across your channel and website a while ago but only within the last month or so looking at it I’ve added partials to my training and I use my mind a hell of a lot more in every lift I’ve also started to work on my kettlebell training and calisthenics a lot more and the videos and information you put out there helped to inspire me to seek a balanced strength both with weights and bodyweight
    So thank you. Keep up the good work

    1. Author

      Awesome work Kieran! Those are some great PR’s. Keep up the good work yourself.

  2. 10lb p.r. on front squat, for 3 175#

    trying to hit 185 C&J, hit 165 last attempt and a miss at 185, workin them front squats.

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