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Number 5, this is kind of an idea I’ve developed and found very useful.  Understanding the difference between practicing something, training, and testing.

So with testing, this is where you’re in a competition or you’re really going all out, see what you can do — this is where you break out the mental toughness.  You don’t need to do this a whole lot.

Training is more like, you’re challenging your body physically, you’re doing some stuff to elicit a physical result coming from that.  So you may do a good amount of this.

But you can also practice strength.  And there is blurred lines between these.  These aren’t three very distinct categories; it’s blurred lines.

Especially if you’re practicing, if you’re working on new moves or something, this is the time to throw a lot more mental training in there.  That’s not to say that you can’t also use it here (training). But really when you’re competing, you can use anchors and quick things like that and set yourself up for it.  But you’re not really going to be using it as much during, though that depends on what you are doing.

So really with that practice, practicing strength, practicing training, practicing movement, whatever you’re trying to do, that’s the time when you need to throw all these different tools at it.  Just keep doing that Genius Movement Method.  A little bit of physical practice, then stepping back — more time in the mental practice than the physical.

Because if the game is 90% mental, shouldn’t 90% of your training be mental?

You don’t need to specifically find percentage points, but it makes sense to do a lot more mental training that we are actually doing.

I do this stuff to remind myself as well.  It’s easy to just go through the motions of the physical training.

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