How to Use Your Imagination for Exercise

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Hey everyone, you guys can do this while you are sitting.  This just underlies the importance of the imagination in going further.

Just go up straight.  Take your right arm and go behind you.  And notice how far you get.  And come back.  Neutral.

Now just imagine yourself being able to turn your body all the way around.  So you can torque your spine until you’re getting straight ahead.  Just imagine that.  Kind of feel it.  As you are doing it. Let’s do that quickly.

Now do the same exercise again and notice how far you get.

Did anyone NOT get further?  So everyone got further, right?

The imagination is important.  Once again, we’re not doing that under hypnosis, so it’s a normal thing.  But this is the kind of stuff we’re doing in hypnosis.

The importance of this is: using the imagination and going beyond where you actually want to get to.  I mentioned, but it wasn’t on camera…

Whatever you’re doing in your imagination, when you’re in hypnosis or not, go further than you’re actually going to be able to go.  So the extended splits.  If you’re trying to work on the handstand, imagine you are in the circus and the handstand nothing; it’s like standing on your feet.  So you’re going into one-handed handstands, you’re doing handstand presses, you’re all this much more advanced stuff.  Part of what is happening there is that is kind of cuing the nervous system, “Oh!  It’s safe to do all that stuff!”  Because if you’re really imagining it, your nervous system is kind of understanding that to some degree.  So then it’s going to be much more able to improve on where you are physically.

So when we imagine this here ,you’re body’s like, “Ehh.”  We’re going to stop at that flexibility.  That’s probably all I want to go right now.”  And then you imagine.  “Oh!  I can turn all the way around!”  So you can’t turn around in physicality, but you can go further just from imagining that.

So it can be that simple to improve on stuff.  Just use your imagination like that.

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