How to Focus Your Language when Coaching

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When you’re coaching someone, you really want to feed back their words.  I didn’t really point it out when I was working with you up here.  This kind of goes into the hypnotic language, some of the stuff we’ll talk about tomorrow, but even though I don’t have him sitting in a chair in a trance or anything, I’m still guiding with the language — it’s much the same thing.

So when I’m walking him through how to visualize — I’m saying, “See yourself.  Looking yourself in your eyes.  Notice the depth of it.”  So you’re using their language, specifically feeding back the words that they used.

“Depth.” I don’t change it, like see it in more dimensions or anything. Use their exact words as much as you can.  If you can do that with your language as you are walking them through the visualization, it helps because you’re kind of guiding them without them having to do it themselves.

Some people may just be silent, and you can ask for that, but as you are coaching, just do that.

And you can do this very subtly if you are coaching people too.  This can be as fast as, “Okay, see yourself doing the exercise.  See it brighter, HD.  Just full on.  Just notice that.  How that feels in your body.”

It can be very subtle like that without going in as much detail as we’re covering here.

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