70+ Year Old Martial Artists

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A little while back Andrew sent me the following video, of a 75 year old martial artists doing a demonstration, breaking boards and blocks and much else.

And, in a similar vein, on this page, I detail how I found a 70+ year old martial artist that became my mentor.

The common idea that pervades our culture is that if you’re old, you are frail and unhealthy.


And I don’t recommend you do either.

It’s poisonous. And it will determine how you age to a bigger or lesser degree.

Do you want to shuffle around with a walker and have a hard time getting up from a chair?

Or would you rather move like a martial artist, or an athlete?

The choice really is yours.

My mentor had a saying that I really liked:

“Do the drills, get the skills.”

This applies to the physical.

This applies to the mental.

And if you want mental skills that few people possess, here is the place to learn them.

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