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Progress in Biofeedback Training Part 3 – Deadlifts

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Here’s another update in my progress with biofeedback training. If you missed the others, here is part 1 and part 2.

I’ve been testing so many times I’m starting to not always need it. Sometimes I can just feel what I’m going to do and then it happens. Even without testing I can often feel, in the movement itself, whether it would be great to do then. But when my intuition isn’t giving me a clear answer I can always test.

For example, the other day I just ‘knew’ I was going to set a new max in the deadlift. I got 425 lbs. That’s 20 lbs. better than I had done before.

But let’s back up and give you examples from my training. Here’s my deadlifting for about 40 days. These are by no means the only exercise I’ve done in that time but I’ve pulled the numbers from my training log to show you what’s going on.

barbell deadlift

Deadlifting a light weight for reps

4-21 BB Deadlift 365 x 5 singles

4-25 BB Deadlift 225 x 12,12,14,12,12 in 10 minutes

4-28 BB Deadlift 315 x 5,6,5 in 5 minutes

5-1 Rack Pull 605 x 3 singles

5-5 Trap Bar Deadlift 430 x 1

5-6 BB Deadlift 225 x 15,15,12,12,12 in 8 minutes

5-11 Rack Pull 505 x 4,4,4,4

5-12 BB Deadlift 405 x 1

5-13 BB Deadlift 225 x 17

5-17 Trap Bar Deadlift 275 x 11,12,11,12,11 in 14 min

5-20 BB Deadlift 315 x 7,6,6 in 4 min

5-22 BB Deadlift 225 x 16,18,15 in 7 min

5-25 BB Deadlift 365 x 3,4,4 in 5 min

5-29 One Hand Deadlift 185 x 3 singles

5-30 BB Deadlift 425 x 1

Here’s the analysis. Looking at this you can see the weight used waving up and down. Though my goal is to pull more for a single, just cause that’s what I want to do, I’m not only doing singles. Nor am I doing 5×5 or high reps or any consistent rep scheme. I’m simply following what works for me that day.

If it’s a lighter weight I do more reps. If its heavier I do less. But at no time am I going all out. I could probably gut out double the numbers on those higher reps sets if I wanted to. I could also probably have gone higher when I maxed each time, but I’m happy with what I got.

You’ll also notice the variety of movements. I go for the barbell deadlift when it tests well as that’s my current goal. Sometimes variations will test better like doing a partial or using the trap bar where I can handle more weight. (My best ever with the trap bar was 435 but I’m guessing the next time I max it’ll be way up.)

Then there’s the frequency of my deadlifts. Looking over it I’m usually doing some form of deadlifts 2 or 3 times a week, though again there is no consistent pattern. I can do it this often because I’m never even close to burning out. There was no week off before this max. And there is no week off or de-load program. I’ll just be following the same “program” until the next max.

Deadlifts are going really well right now. So are my other exercise, though having done this analysis I see some directions I can test in, and work with that may make progress even faster.

How’s your progress?

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. It looks like the DVD’s that show you how to do all this and more still are available but in short supply. All I’m saying is you should try biofeedback training out. If it doesn’t work for you fine, give it up and go back to what you were doing. But if it does work, just imagine where it can take you. I’m making faster progress, easier than ever before and feeling great doing it. You can join me…

My bonus is still available for anyone who orders and forward me their receipt.

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