Progressive Stand Up Challenges – Cross Leg Sit to Stand

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This video is the first in a series of progressive stand up challenges where I cover regressions and progressions to be able to do various bodyweight movements.

Our first one covers the cross leg sit to stand. This was the method used in the sitting-rising test as covered in Brito et al’s research, that showed the better you could do this the less likely you were to die.

The cross leg squat breaks all the rules of proper squatting mechanics, and that is why it is useful.

But please, work into doing this move intelligently. If you have existing knee issues, it may not be right for you…though it could be something you build up to that fix those issues too!

Prerequisite: It would be ideal to have a full range normal bodyweight squat before attempting this move.

Regression: Cross leg squat. Go down as low as you can go, working on lowering that over time.

For all moves, it is good to work alternatively with each leg in front.

Standard: Cross leg squat into a sitting position and stand up from it. Can use a bit of momentum to help in the beginning, but, eventually, you want to do this without momentum.

Progression: Twisting cross leg sit to stand. This fun variation I came up with while playing around with the move. As you come to standing you pivot on the feet a full 360 which then puts you down in the cross leg squat with the other leg in front. Can go back and forth.

There is nothing magical about this one move; it shows the idea that the better you move overall, the healthier you are.

For the full Stand Up Challenge Course go here.

Brito, L. B. et al. (2012). Ability to sit and rise from the floor as a predictor of all-cause mortality. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, 21(7), 892-898.


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