Progressive Stand Up Challenges – Rollback Squats

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This video is the second in a series of progressive stand up challenges, where I cover regressions and progressions to be able to do various bodyweight movements.

If you missed the first video covering the cross leg sit to stand go here.

This covers the rollback squat.

The rollback squat involves doing a regular full squat and at the bottom rolling onto your back. This is followed by reversing the movement, rolling from your back, up to your feet, then standing.

Prerequisite: None

Regression: Rollback squat with momentum on boxes of progressive height. Go down as low as you can go, working on lowering that over time.

Standard: Full squat to the ground then roll onto your back. Use momentum, using your body like a spring, to come back to your feet and stand up.

Progression 1: Aim to use less momentum in the rollback squat.

Progression 2: Pistol rollback squat. Instead of using both legs do the same with just a single leg in a pistol squat. You can follow the same box squat principle to work towards the full squat.

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