Put EFT to Use and Thrive in the Gym

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote the first article about Emotional Freedom Technique. In the newest guest post at Breaking Muscle you’ll find out how to actually put this technique to use and overcome challenges in the gym.

How to Use EFT to Overcome Challenges in the Gym


In this article you’ll learn how to use EFT. While EFT is fairly simple and can be done by yourself once you learn the basics, doing it on your own is not always best. To handle bigger issues, you often need a qualified person to lead you through the practice.

Just like having a coach or trainer is often best in the gym, especially when starting out, it’s the same with EFT. You wouldn’t teach yourself techniques on exercises from the start, so don’t expect to get the best results from EFT if you only read these articles or even just watch a few videos.

With that being said, once you do understand the basics, you can use this for yourself and there’s really no harm in trying. At worst you’ll be in the same place you were before your started.

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  1. Very interesting and thought provoking stuff indeed, Logan… I actually NEVER really thought to use EFT in my Ferocious Training to the FULLEST, as I didn’t really needed it back then, and sure as hell DON’T need it right NOW to get the BEST and most awesome results in my PR’s and Feats of Strength… And I’ve already proved this shit over and over and over again by now, so I won’t go into this matter any further for now, have at it! 😀

    Also, with that being said… I’m a little dissapointed in you, my friend! And I gotta ask you though, WHY the hell did you post an OLD picture of yourself over here with these EFT RED pressure points, huh?!

    Tell me bro… Because if I recall this correctly, and please correct me if I’m wrong though, but didn’t you grow out a Ferocious and EPIC beard since February of THIS year?! And thus, doesn’t this picture needs to have a Ferocious and EPIC beard in it?! I’m just wondering, why post an older picture when you’ve got a Ferocious and EPIC beard going on nowadays?! It just doesn’t make sense to me whatsoever, NONE! But then again, that’s just me, personally…

    With that being said, I’ll definitely look into all of this shit and will give it some major thoughts as well… Not necessarily for my OWN, but for the individuals that I train!

    That’s it for now, Over & Out, Comrade!


  2. I’ll be covering more uses of it in the rest of the article series.

    Regarding the beard, it was easier for me to grab an old photo I had on my hard drive to use for this then take a new one. That’s all.

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