Q4 2012 Testimonial Contest Winner

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Every three months I hold a contest for the best testimonials I receive. This is the first time I’ve done it but there will be many more in the future. The prize is your choice of $100 cash or $200 in product credit. This winner is drawn at random from the best testimonials I receive during that period of time.

Here is the winning testimonial:

I have spent some time looking for equipment to help me improve my balance skills. As I stumbled across Logan’s stands I figured why not give it a chance.

First of I’ve got to say this is the most well spent money this year. The stands are beautiful, looks professional, are of made good material and the best of all they are steady. Now I thought that to be steady you needed a big surface, these stands proved me wrong. Their so light and small and easy to pack in a back pack, I actually bring them to training almost every time. I also travel a lot, and their always with me. Neat packed into my backpack or traveling bag but although their small in size I’ve never experienced unbalance. Never. And I use them almost every day.

Now for my hand balancing progress. Lets just say I’ve been upside down for 6 years now – free hand that is – and with these I’ve improved so much I can’t believe it myself. For two years I’ve been struggling to get that one armed handstand and when the stands came in the mail (witch was incredible fast by the way) my motivation skyrocketed and so did my one armed skill. Going from unbalanced holds to 3 seconds balanced holds on normal in just a month says it all. What I couldn’t to for 2 years came like nothing one approximate one month.

So yea. I’m amazed and I love them – I bet others would, too. Going for the Planche now. Not loving them any less, thrown away my pushup bars too. I don’t need them as all I need is my hand balancing stands.
-Tor-Inge Hareide from Norway

If you’d like to get hand balancing canes yourself you can grab them here. Hopefully they can help you achieve instantly more success as well.

You can start sending in your testimonials right away for your chance to win after March is over.


  1. Congrats to the winner, and thanks for making this contest, Logan! 🙂

    Does that mean that Superman Herbs stuff is also a possibility of prize content if the winner chooses the $200 store credit?

    1. Author

      No I won’t be able to do the Superman Herbs stuff, because of the hard costs and partners although you could certainly take the $100 and use it there.

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