Handstand Pushup against the Wall

Quick Bodyweight Workout when Traveling

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As mentioned previously, I was traveling in Guatemala for a week.

On my shorter travels I typically don’t workout — just getting a solid workout in before I go, and then getting right back into it upon my return. I use the travel time to recoup, kind of like a short deload period.

But a week is a bit long for me not to train. I start getting antsy…

Anyway, I was staying at a lodge deep in the rainforest. Not a kettlebell or barbell for miles and miles.

So, of course, I turned to bodyweight exercises.

Handstand Pushup against the Wall

A basic Handstand Pushup against the Wall

Here’s what I did, with a simple ladder on just three exercises.


  • 2 Handstand Pushups
    2 One Legged Squats each leg
    2 second Lsit
  • 4 Handstand Pushups
    4 One Legged Squats each leg
    4 second Lsit
  • 6 Handstand Pushups
    6 One Legged Squats each leg
    6 second Lsit
  • 8 Handstand Pushups
    8 One Legged Squats each leg
    8 second Lsit

After I had finished these rounds, I did a few pull-ups hanging off the door-jam. This was more of a finger strengthening exercise than a lat workout, but only because no bar was available.

By no means was this a record-breaking workout. But it was something I could get done in a short amount of time with just a wall, a floor, hitting the majority of the muscles of the body in one fell swoop.

You may be thinking that’s way too hard…or way too easy.

That’s the great thing about bodyweight training; when you know how to properly progress and regress with exercises, you could do the same workout format, just easier or harder, specifically adapted to you and were you’re at.

If you need some help with all the in between exercises and methods this package covers the foundation of bodyweight training.

Lots of people complain to me that they travel too much to workout. But if I can train while traveling, you can too.


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