Nadia Comaneci Mental Training

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Shortly after Max listened to the Skill & Technique Maximizer Hypnosis he sent this in:

“When I worked again on the snatch technique this week, I have used for the first time also the hypnosis audio track for technique and it also significantly helped me in the training then.

“I also found it interesting that you mentioned Nadia Comaneci. She’s a few months older than me and when she was the first who got the “Perfect 10” at the Olympic Summer games in Montreal 1976, I saw her and can remember this time. She had not only exceptional skills, but she was also mentally very strong.

“I don’t know if she underwent some psychological training too, but I read a long time ago that particularly in Romania, the former Soviet Union and former East Germany, they used systematically mental training for their top athletes. In the USA, they then responded and also more and more athletes used it there. But for the most of the Western countries it remained something that was kind of strange for many people.

“With your hypnosis tracks for the first time I have access to this field of training and I am very happy about that. My first experiences were already very good as mentioned and I am sure I will further improve like in the physical and technique skills. many thanks again for your great contribution to sports and exercise training!”

You hit it right on the head with “most of the Western countries it remained something that was kind of strange for many people”.

That’s been my experience in teaching hypnosis and other techniques.

Whether it’s fear or skepticism many people allow this to be what stops them from engaging in something that has lots of power.

Tiger Woods used hypnosis.

Mike Tyson used hypnosis.

Michael Jordan used hypnosis.

Now, I’m not sure that Nadia did, but it’s almost certain she at least did something similar.

Because skill and technique has so much to do with your nervous system…

And because your mind, conscious and unconscious, has so much to do with your nervous system…

This is one area where hypnosis can result in some pretty quick gains.

Having a positive model, someone that exhibits perfect skill, and attaching your mind to that imagery can be quite powerful.

It won’t turn you into a Perfect 10 overnight, but done along with physical practice, this mental practice is sure to accelerate your gains.

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