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I’m putting on some muscle. I’ve known I should do this for a while, but I’m finally doing it. Why? Because adding some muscle to my frame will help me hit my main goal with the beast snatch test.

What about for your goals?

Many kettlebells for training

Recently, fasting over the new year and traveling (I know some people gain weight while traveling but I always seem to lose weight), I got down under 175 lbs. Too low to snatch a 106 lb. kettlebell repeatedly. As of today, I’m back up to 186 and plan to get over 190, maybe closer to 195.

Many people have specific weight goals, but even if you have performance goals, you might think about how gaining or shedding weight can help.

I remember Steve Justa saying how he liked to be huge and he liked to be ripped, and so he went back and forth between the two.

With bodyweight stuff, less weight makes it easier.

With weights, more mass does the same.

If performance is your goal, it is great to keep these things in mind.

While we more often talk about all the other equally important, but far lesser known elements of strength (nervous system, tendons, ligaments, mental, energetic, etc.), let us not forget about muscle.

Properly gained muscle, because there are ways to pump and bloat it without actually getting stronger, will help in lifting strongly and moving well.

Since a kettlebell exercise is my goal, I’m doing the mass gaining with kettlebell exercises.

  • Front squats
  • High pulls
  • Swings
  • Presses
  • Rows
  • Side bends
  • Various carrying exercises

All in addition to the main focus. Really it’s not far from the basics done with a fair amount of volume.

The training is the signal, then there’s the other side of what you have to do…eating. More about that tomorrow…

If you want to get strong withOUT adding bulk, then Deceptive Strength is your guide to doing so. It’s all about the nervous system, tendons, ligaments, mind and so on I mentioned before and how to train to not add muscle.

Deceptive Strength for Martial Artists

If you want to gain weight and fast, I suggest the Muscle Gain Maximizer Hypnosis. Using this, I’ve previously ballooned up to over 200 lbs.

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