Progressive Eating

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Yesterday, we discussed my plans to gain some muscle to help with my training goal, and how you might want to gain or shed the weight for your goals.

(If you missed that you can find it on the blog here.)

If gaining some muscle helps you, then training is one part of the equation. The other is eating.

I forget where I heard about it originally, but a principle that stood out to me was that of…

Progressive Eating

In training, in order to get ongoing results, you must be progressive with it. More intensity. More volume. More density. More in some fashion. And more still, the next time you train.

And this idea of more for progression to happen applies to eating as well.

Unless you are actively gaining or losing weight, your current diet supports you staying in homeostasis, that is staying roughly the same. (Nevermind, that most Westerners gain fat year after year.)

I typically eat three eggs in the morning. If I want to gain weight, I need to eat more, so I progress to four eggs.

Once I am up over 190 pounds, it will likely be time to progress to five eggs.

progressive That’s just the egg part of the breakfast meal, but it applies across the board.

Make each meal a little bit bigger and you’ll add weight. If it’s quality food and you have solid training behind it, it will mostly be muscle.

Another method is to add extra meals.

Three to four to five eggs is like adding reps to a set with an exercise.

Adding another meal is like adding an extra set or a-whole-nother exercise.

So, let’s say you’re doing the typical three square meals. Continue doing that and then add a protein shake between meals or before bed.

If you want to gain mass fast, then add more to each meal and add more meals.

It is not fun. It can be like forced feeding.

But it works even for so called ‘hard-gainers.’

This principle is what allowed me to gain over 25 lbs. in less than a month before. It is what is allowing me to add weight now at a more relaxed pace.

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