Hercules + Muscle + Hypnosis = Awesome

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I wanted to share this recent workout with you.

112 snatches with the 40kg (88 lb.) kettlebell in 10 minutes.

Not only was that an overall record, but I also did more reps at every minute mark within that time frame. (That’s something I’ve been looking at as far as progress is concerned with this and other snatch weights. This is because doing an overall intensity, volume or density PR with snatch tests is not going to happen from workout to workout, but hitting a certain timed set, or a few of them, can happen.)

Besides it being a pretty big PR, I was impressed because I was only feeling about 70-80% optimal for the exercise going into it. Still a little sore in certain places from previous workouts. Not perfect…but good enough to do the exercise.

What I think helped me to do this was three things.

  1. I’d been gaining some mass as mentioned in previous emails. That definitely seems to be helping.
  2. Listened to the Endurance Maximizer before I did the workout. You can tell it’s working not just by the PR, but when visuals and words from the hypnosis are going through your head during the exercise… “Breath that color in…and out. See yourself…awash in that color…flowing into your lungs along with your breath”
  3. Taking Hercules Pre-Workout Formula before training. While I don’t use this before every workout, I can definitely feel an increase in my work capacity when I take it. And that’s just with one teaspoon, far less than the recommended dose of one tablespoon.

You’ll notice that all three of these things are stuff that was done BEFORE the workout even began.

That. Is. Important.

It’s not just want you do in the moment, but your preparation that counts.

And physical training is not just about the physical either. You’ll notice there is both mental and nutritional support necessary to perform at a high level.

Now you don’t need to do exactly these same things. I doubt your goals are the exact same as mine.

But some of them may be beneficial for you, so you’re welcome to “borrow” them.

The critical thing is the PRINCIPLE behind it that you must do.

Mental training is not just about what you do in the moment to increase your performance in an exercise, but also about your overall thinking towards exercise and making sure everything works in alignment. That’s some of the stuff we’ll be covering at the Mental Training Intensive. 

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