6 Strength Training Measuring Sticks

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How do you match up?

While you shouldn’t necessarily compare yourself to other people out there, it can be useful from time to time.These six measuring sticks can be helpful guidelines for how you might want to structure your training and what your weak points might be.

  1. Deadlift – Bodyweight X 2
  2. Back Squat – Bodyweight X 1.75
  3. Front Squat – Bodyweight X 1.5
  4. Bench Press – Bodyweight X 1.5
  5. Strict Military press – Bodyweight X 0.9
  6. Weighted Pull-Up – Bodyweight X 1.5

I’m happy to report I have done all of those…except the front squat. Just never felt comfortable in that exercise, but perhaps now I’ll go for it.

You’ll notice that all of these are barbell exercises, except one. And that one, the pull-up, is what would stop many people from otherwise completing this list.

While there are many ways you could train for these goals, check out the new Pound for Pound Strength System from Coach Delroy and Funk Roberts.

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