Can’t Focus with Hypnosis

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Jeff asks about focusing in a hypnotic state:

“Hello Logan. Thanks for the downloads. Just a couple of questions. When listening to the hypnosis mp3’s, my thoughts tend to jump from one to another, then I will try to focus on what you are saying. Because of this inability to focus, I feel I am not receiving the benefits. Any suggestions? I listen with eyes closed, breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth, but can’t get into the relaxed or hypnotic state. I have been listening each day, since receiving the downloads. I want it to work, but cannot focus because of the ‘monkey chatter.’ This is my first time with hypnosis. Please assist.”

Not to worry…Hypnosis is basically like meditation.

Keeping your focus is part of the PRACTICE in lessening the monkey chatter.

Many people spend years working on meditation trying to get to a thought free state of mind. (Though I’m of the opinion that it is better to focus your thoughts, not clear them.)

Still it’s important to note that this is an ongoing process that takes time.

And HOW you THINK about this is also important…

Don’t look at it as an inability to focus, or that you can’t get relaxed.

That’s black and white or impossibility thinking. And it’s not helpful.

Instead look at it as a spectrum. You want to practice it and over time your ability to focus and get into the state will improve.

Anything that is practiced gets better.

Also, keep in mind that no one is perfect.

Even my thoughts jump around when doing hypnosis. Some days it’s easier to focus. Other days it’s tougher. That’s life.When you’re doing it, and notice you are thinking about that bill you need to pay or that guy that pissed you off, just bring your focus back to my voice.

This increased focal training is actually one of the side benefits of using hypnosis.

And the fact is, that even if your monkey mind is running all over, even if you’re only focused on certain parts of it, the benefits can still come.

Plus, a lot of it may be subconsciously absorbed.

The fact is that increased focus is needed for working out even if you don’t do hypnosis. How many people have distracted thoughts, about the bills and angry people, while they’re training, keeping them from giving or getting 100%?

Training your focus is an important aspect of strength, physical or otherwise.

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