Reach Your Fitness and Nutrition Goals Using EFT

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The final article on using EFT to improve your performance has been put up on Breaking Muscle.

Use EFT to Achieve Success in Your Fitness and Nutrition Goals

In my previous articles on EFT, we’ve discussed how you can increase motivation and desire to achieve your goals, how you can instantly improve on any exercise, and how you can use EFT to help with pain and injuries. In this final article, I’ll give you a few more ideas on where you might want to try using it.

My first real introduction to tapping was after I had heard and seen it once or twice, but had never really experienced it myself. Since it looked so weird, I was skeptical that it could do anything. But I wasn’t basing this conclusion on much experience at all.

So, I drove up to Medford, Oregon to train with a man who has since become one of my primary mentors in this and related areas. During that first seminar, I was brought up in front of the class. I told my instructor that one of my goals was to deadlift 500lbs. Using a form of muscle testing, it was revealed to me that I didn’t feel safe deadlifting 500lbs. Or to put it another way, that if I pursued this goal, I’d end up hurting myself.

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