Wrist Stretch

Regaining My Wrist

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As you know if you’ve been sticking around here for a long time I’ve had chronic issues with my right wrist making it much less flexible then my left one.

With handstands taking some degree of flexibility this has made progress hard at times. In fact, it has gotten so bad at times I couldn’t do a handstand. (At least not a straight one, if you notice in some pictures I’m favoring my left side.)

Wrist Stretch

This stretch alone wasn’t cutting it…

Walking around, presses, and forget about a one hand handstand on the right arm. At times its better, at other times its worse.

But in the last couple weeks I have made lots of improvement. This is because I have been following a systematic approach that hits the issue from all sides.

I truly believe that within a few months I will completely get over this pain that has held me back for nine years.

I write this message to ask who is interested in this information?

If it was one simple thing I would just write about it or throw a short video up explaining my process. But it takes more than that.

What I’ve been doing addresses the physical, nutritional, mental and even emotional sides of a bad wrist. While I believe this approach would work for just about any chronic issue, I can’t say for sure.

Of course, if you do have a chronic joint pain or problem I know you’re willing to try about anything to fix it up.

Just comment down below if you’re interested.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher


  1. I am definitely interested. I have issues with my right wrist as well but I think mine is worse because I cannot do hand stands at all because of this. In fact its difficult for me to do pushups without using bars or doing them on a very soft surface. Hope you can help with this. I have tried that stretch too and it does nothing to help this particular issue though I’m sure its good for you over all.

  2. I have similar issues. Short of mobilizing the bones and intense stretching, it is difiicult to maintain.

  3. Im defiantly interested as well. I have the same issues in my right wrist extreme pain when I am in any plank/pushup position or handstands. Ive tried everything to help it if you have something thats working please share

  4. I’m interested, but more for preventative measures since my wrists aren’t as thick as I’d like.

  5. Hi Logan,

    I’d definitely be interested. My wrists don’t lack rom but they both crack and pop quite alarmingly.

  6. Hi Logan,

    this topic concerns me too, for quite a year i have some problems with my left wrist.
    After taking a time out from training it got better but always when i go to my limit like training new and difficult things which stresses my wrist really hard it comes back.
    I’ll go to the doctor soon but i’d like to hear how you approach on this problem, i think i can get some good information from you because we practice the same thing, handstand.

    Greetings from Germany

  7. 0:) This must be heaven sent..haha. I do Parkour and Free Running and I have a bum left ankle…I hypo extended it and now right at the base at the front is always hurting me..I really need this info. I’m also really sorry to hear about your wrist..hope it fully recuperates.

  8. I too am very interested in this. My wrists are pretty good now, but I worry that I may overdo things. I have overdone things with my left elbo, and would appreciate any info that would help speed up things there too.

  9. I’m interested as well. Both of my wrists, and also my hips, are near as flexible as I would like them to be. Any help would be appreciated 😉

  10. I’m totally interested, my hip joints are wrecked from 13 years of soccer, any way I could fix them would be greatly appreciated!

  11. I’d be fairly interested. As many others have said, I have had issues with my wrists to the point that I couldn’t do a normal push-up. One thing I did was start to drink milk again (for muscle growth) and after about a week or so, the pain subsided to the point that I could do push-ups and also get back to doing handstands. Not sure if there was a direct correlation, but it was kind of interesting how it was about the same time.

  12. Also very interested. Wrist and elbow have held me back for months – as you said, I’d try just about anything to fix them up.

  13. Glad to see all the interest and nice to hear what people have been doing. This project is definitely a go. More details coming soon.

  14. yes please continue w/ this research. my issue is directed towards my ankle, and i’m curious to see if your process can be adapted to it. or, maybe atleast show me a new direction to further my research progress.

  15. Interested as well.
    I performed a capoeira acrobatic move, and fell on my wrist, about 4 years ago.
    It hurts when I put my weight on the wrist for a long period.

  16. I am very interested in learning more about overcoming this painful issue. Look forward to learning more.

  17. Most certainly interested in all and any information or solutions to wrist pain! My wrists have suffered over the years from Judo and BJJ and are currently the weak link in my strength programs. There is not a lot of info out on the net relation to this issue and any helpful additions would be much appreciated.

  18. I am interested as well. I injured my wrist doing planche work a while back, and it’s never been the same. It has its good and bad days, going from a small handstand practice to not being able to do a pushup. any information at all on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

  19. I am also very interested in. I hurt my right wrist while doing handstand for months ago and cant fix it..

  20. Hey Logan, just stumbled across this old article… Have you put together anything addressing this topic yet?? I (and it seems like quite a few other people) would be very interested… I’ve been trying to come up with a plan to rehab my wrist, as it is getting more and more in the way of my goals.. I’d be quite interested in what you have to say and what it took for you to regain your wrist. Especially the mental and emotional aspects. Thanks!

    1. Author

      Actually yes I did. I haven’t had that publicly available but I can re-release it again in January.

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