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No not me, but one of my products.

The Keys to Successful Training Online Course will be going away permanently in just a few days.

I have to tell you a bit of story about it to get to why.

Keys to Successful TrainingFirst of all, it was to be the culmination of everything I do in my training. The why’s and how’s of the way I train. This was all addressed in 6 modules including, Goal Setting, Progression, All Around Fitness, Keeping Healthy, Pushing the Limits and Psychological Tactics.

This wasn’t the basics of ‘this is how you do a squat and you should do it for 3 sets of 10 reps‘ that the majority of fitness programs are.

Instead I aimed to give the keys to being able to make your own training plan and to make rapid progress with it.

Not only that but how I delivered it was unique. I thought this was awesome (if I didn‘t I wouldn‘t have spent so much time working on it). Using a special software platform I was able to make a multimedia portal with text, video and audio to learn the lessons. And once you finished them you were quizzed to make sure you comprehended the material.

But it was a flop!

Although I believe it carried my best information at the time and was cutting edge, the market was not there with me. I can guess as to why this was, but it doesn’t really matter.

I’ve left it open but it hasn’t sold more than a handful of copies over time, especially without me ever really mentioning it anywhere.

Those that did buy it seemed to love it…

“After learning the first tip in the first module of “Keys To Successful Training” I feel like I got my entire money’s worth for the course.”

-Najeeb Siddique

“This course is a gold mine of information. If you came up with this yourself, you’re a very intelligent individual.”

-Mighty Joe

Since that time, some of my ideas on training have changed. Not the least of which, biofeedback training, in particular. But that’s certainly not all.

Still the vast majority of what is in there is solid gold. If you truly understand and use the material in just modules one and two you will get stronger. There is no doubt about it. Add in some of the advanced stuff like in module 6 and you will get stronger faster.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a little while. Now I have decided to do so. The Keys to Successful Training Online Course is being retired.

But as always I wanted to give you a last chance offer.

For today you can get the Keys to Successful Training Online Course for half off. From $49 to $25.

This offer only lasts a couple days. If you want it now you can get it for just $25.

If not, not a problem.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. I am serious about this retirement. After this offer you will never be able to get it again. Click over to read more details and even see a little video showing how the course is laid out.

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