Review of The World’s Strongest Librarian

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I’ve known Josh Hanagarne, the author of The World’s Strongest Librarian, for a couple years now. I was sent a copy of his book by his publisher to ask for a review. Seeing as I love to read I said absolutely.

If you don’t know Josh he run’s a site by the same name –

I’ve written a few guest articles over there and communicated with Josh a number of times. I also got to meet him in Minnesota during a certification program we were both attending.

In my opinion Josh is a great writer. In fact I’m jealous. When people can make you laugh out loud from the written word you know they’ve got some skill. And perhaps its because I haven’t been searching for that many funny writers, but this book falls into this category. You wouldn’t believe some of the incidents that happen in a library. It both makes me want to go back to my local branch and never visit a library again at the same time.

The World’s Strongest Librarian is autobiographical and deals with much, as anyone’s life usually well. Having and dealing with Tourrette’s, girls and women, being Mormon, and strength training.

That last area, I of course, had special interest in. I know the people involved. Reading how he described the RKC and Adam Glass was just as funny as the tales of the library.

I would say this book is a light read but has some deep stuff in there. It was enjoyable for me the whole way through. The best bet to tell whether you’d like it or not is to read Josh’s website. If you find him funny and witty then this book is much the same.

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