Shaolin Monk Training

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I came across this video of Shaolin Monk Training sometime ago. Well worth watching and it may give you some training ideas.

You’ll see some weight lifting with stone and locks at about 11 minutes in. Here’s a list of some of the skills shown in this video.

  • Skill of Hard Skull
  • Monk Pillar Skill
  • Iron Fist
  • Arm Skill
  • Kicking Skill
  • Stone Lifting Skill
  • Locking Skill
  • Striking Water Skill
  • Shaolin Belt Skill
  • Buddha Overhung Skill
  • Reptile Skill
  • Tumbling Skill
  • Lila Belly
  • Pricking the Belly
  • Air Thru the Ears
  • Stable Strength Skill
  • Iron Egg Skill
  • Iron Neck Skill
  • Steel Finger
  • Iron Mouth and Teeth
  • Arm Locking Skill
  • Splitting Body Skill
  • Knocking a Bell
  • Non Drunk Skill
  • Fighting All Four Sides
  • Non Declining Skill
  • Finger Skill (yes this is the video in which the one finger handstand is done)

Of course you’ll also see tons of fighting styles and weapons forms. Jet Li is also featured in this film.

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