Rolling a Frying Pan with Bare Hands

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I was browsing flea markets and yard sales the other day and I came across this frying pan. I thought why not? I had never done the feat of strength where you roll up a frying pan with your bare hands before, simply because I never had gotten a pan to try it with.

Overall it wasn’t that hard. I’d say it was $1 well spent. If I come across more cheap frying pans I’ll be sure to buy them all up and work even more on this feat. It’s a great hand and wrist strength workout.

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Dennis Rogers was the one that actually created this feat, based on what some of the oldtime strongmen did, like rolling up pewter dishes.

Rolled Frying Pan


  1. Good stuff Logan! Rolling up Frying Pans is actually one of my favourite Feats of Strength out there to do! Period! The truth of the matter is that I’ve only rolled up so many frying pans since May of last year, simply because it’s EXPENSIVE as shit to buy a whole lot of those fuckers! I rolled up 5 Frying Pans from my parents who DIDN’T need them anymore for cooking anyway! ALL of the Frying Pans I rolled were & ALWAYS will be Teflon Coated Frying Pans! So that whenever you see me Rolling Up a Frying Pan in the future, then you’ll ABsolutely 100% Certainly know that it’s TEFLON Coated and High Quality Grade Frying Pans, and NOT some cheap dollar store frying pans!

    Yeah I know you spend a Buck on that frying pan, but that was at a Yard sale, so that shit doesn’t count! But I better hope that the Frying Pan that you rolled up in this video is TEFLON Coated as well! As we BOTH know how EASY PEASY & worthless the Cheap thin ones are… as Dennis Rogers himself mentions on that DVD Odd Object Bending & Breaking!

    The ONLY Reason WHY I haven’t filmed it yet & put that shit on my facebook, Filming a Frying Pan being rolled up by GRIP strength alone that is… is simply because my Camera happened to be Broken & messed up at that exact same time & before my camera was broken & messed up, I couldn’t do it FAST enuff to film & put on youtube! NOT Fast enuff in my own opinion about myself that is!

    And I’ve been Training VERY TOUGH & Brutal Isometrics on a VERY Thick & Hard Teflon Coated Frying Pan, I have ONLY been able to move that bastard a few inches since last year November! Because since LAST year November I stopped buying Teflon Coated Frying Pans to Roll up! Simply because it costs way too MUCH & I was and still am tight on money! Although less tight on money as I was back then!

    The NEXT time I’m buying a Frying Pan (Teflon Coated once again!) and will roll it up, I’ll shoot a video of it as well! Been meaning & planning to do it sooner, but it just didn’t work out that way! Plus I’ve been focusing on other Feats of Strength right now! You know how that shit goes! You can’t focus on everything all at once! You can relate to this statement Logan! I know that much!

    It’ll be interesting how FAST I can roll up a Teflon Coated Frying pan right NOW, These days, at this very moment! I BET that I could do it WAAY more faster & easier then I did back then and actually do it under 10 seconds! The NEXT step I’m planning to progress towards though, is being able to roll up 3 Frying pans (ALL Teflon Coated) ALL in 1! I;ve actually ALREADY done that with a Teflon Coated Frying pan set, but that shit took me OVER 15 minutes to do back then in October of last year! RIght Now I’ll do it UNDER a Minute! That I guarentee ya the next time I’m filming it & putting it on My Youtube channel!

    Good stuff btw Logan! To tell you the truth, I was flabbergasted & suprised that you’ve NEVER rolled up a Frying Pan before… thought that you’ve done it many times before, at least as much as I had! But I guess I was wrong! At least on that matter, I’ve more experience then you! But that doesn’t mean jackshit! Since I know you’ll DESTROY Those frying pans EASILY once you Train for it seriously & dillegently!

    Check out the picture in my Feats of Strength Album on Facebook! There I posted the pic yesterday! To be honest, I don’t have any idea WHY I didn’t post a pic of those rolled up Teflon Coated frying pans MUCH earlier?! Must have been that I saw a picture of a Rolled up Frying pan onn your Facebook wall first, and then you reminded me that I still had to put up a picture of Rolled Up frying pans… that I obviously rolled all by myself! What else huh?!

    I look forward to beginning next year when I’ll see YOU & Bud once again! It’s going to be off the hook, very fun and cool! There we will roll up frying pans like NO tommorow! ALL teflon coated btw! PLUS I want to BREAK the 1000lbs. in the Supported Wrestler Bridge! Or at LEAST do 1000lbs.! I’ll see you in a couple of months Logan! I CAN’T Wait! I’ve got some SICK & insane Feats of Strength to show both You & Bud! But you’ll see when I’m there!

    1. Author

      @Matti: Yeah it was a quality pan. You think I’d do this with a crappy one, especially as long as it took? I do hope I find some more soon.

      1. @admin: Yo Logan! Yeah I already figured that it was a Quality pan, I just wanted to be sure for the full 100%! Cool man, I’m looking forward to seeing a video of you in the near future of Rolling up 3 Teflon Coated Frying Pans together in 1! I’ll post a video of doing just that in the near future as well! Be on the lookout for that and stay tuned!

  2. AWESOME job Logan! Welcome to the world of frying pan bending!!! now its time to have a car park on top of you!!! LOL!!!

    God Bless!


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