Gymnastic Rings Dream Machine

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The other day my friend was telling me about this device called a gymnastic rings dream machine. Surprisingly I had never heard of it. Well, he built one in his gym, and just yesterday I got to try it out for the first time ever.

Sorry the video isn’t great, but it was shot with an iphone on a whim.

The gymnastic rings dream machine allows you unload a significant portion of your bodyweight and thus you can work on harder skills. You see me here doing an iron cross and front lever, two moves that are currently outside of my ability (but not for too much longer).

Does anyone else have experience with the dream machine?


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  2. This looks very cool! I saw your recent post about making an improved Dream Machine. I noticed the guy in that post was just using a cheap weightlifting belt, but am i right in saying you were using a full climbing harness in this video? Do you think the full harness would be better?

    Love the music! I’m a big fan of Tool. Cant wait for the next album.

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