Ryan Magin

Ryan Magin

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Another great call on Super Human Training last night. Did you catch it?

Our guest was Ryan Magin. Ryan is a pro BMX racer who has taken strength training into that sport in a big way. Using effective training to get stronger which led to getting faster on his bike, he’s encouraged many others to do the same. He’s even competed in a few strongman competitions for fun. Some things you’ll learn on the call:

Ryan Magin

  • The non-secret of get bigger and stronger
  • How to incorporate sports training and weight lifting effectively
  • Taking your ego out of training
  • The value of challenge workouts (and when not to do them)
  • And much more

You still have time to listen to the recording…

Or better yet get the entire series and much more to download and listen to at your leisure.

In strength,
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