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I’ve got some exciting projects in the works. More on those later. For now I wanted to share this video with you of Johann Martin in case you haven’t seen it.

To me this guy is the ultimate athlete. Basically he does many of the things I do, he’s just been doing them for over 50 years.

You have sledgehammer leveraging, kettlebell juggling, bottoms up kettlebell work, muscling out weights, big weight supports including in a bridge, various hand balancing and other bodyweight feats, Olympic and Powerlifting and more.

It appears to me this guy was a student of Valentin Dikul. I say this for several reasons. Because of all the different things he does like kettlebell and steel ball juggling. And then you have the bridge feat which is called the ‘Dikulis Pyramide’ in the video. For more on Valentin Dikul check out this post, another very strong man.

They say a jack of all trades and master of none? I think Johann proves that wrong! There is no single strength specialty here unless you call ‘Being Strong’ a specialty.

At 63 years Johann Martin can do a lot. I’m happy to say I’m on the same path. You can learn about some of what he does here at Legendary Strength. For the handstand skills check out Lost Art of Hand Balancing. And of course for Kettlebell Juggling go here.

And above all consistently train. And you too in 50 years can do some amazing things.

In strength,
Logan Christopher


  1. Watching Johann perform is just what I need after watching “Bigger, Stonger, Faster” for the first time this weekend. Although it was good to finally learn from that video that I was not the slacker my somewhat-less-than-perfect physique told me I was as I tried to be like my steroid-using former “heroes” I am truly disappointed that I have spent most of my life trying to acheive something that could never be. What’s the old Elton John lyric?.. “Trying to drink whiskey from a bottle of wine…”. As a forty-six year old man who has seldom been found to be the second strongest man wherever he showed up and who is currently climbing the “Convict Conditioning” ladder I can say with great assurance that this guy is quite an inspiration to me. In fact, he is my new hero. Thank you, Logan, for sharing this kind information and encouragement with us all. Just so you know – if you were an ‘old fart’ like me – YOU would be my new hero! :o)!

    1. @Steve: Glad to serve up some inspiration. Who couldn’t watch this video (assuming they were into strength training) and not be motivated?

  2. Logan this man Johann is what it is all about, the man is a master, a legend in his own lifetime, i was mesmerised by his feats of strength, his balance, his overall fitness which he has obviously kept up over the years, 63 years old and doing what most guys of any younger age could ever hope to acheive,(including me age 48, Kettlebell instructor) his almost nonchalent way of performing is a credit to him and his years of hard training, i am sat at my computer totally in AWE of this man, i will burn this vid onto disk and play it in my gym for all of my lads to watch, what an inspiration, thanks Logan for bringing this great strongman to our attention, all credit to you, also i must say your feats of strength and KB juggling also impress us here at Girevik-U.K. (Home of the British Kettlebell).
    This has to be one of my all time favourite vids of Kettlebell feats, amazing!!!!!

  3. Wow! Logan,
    It sure blew my mind that this man has never quit. Workout fads have come and gone while he holds on to his true art. No one can be that good and just workout occassionally, or three times a week. I work out everyday, but now I know that I’m not really pushing as hard as I could. Where did you find this superhuman? Like old chinese masters, they have never ever quit, it continues through hundreds of years, and they live by what works. Thank you, I’m still in shock, this really is legendary

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