Set Personal Records and Improve Results With This Secret Technique

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In my last article at Breaking Muscle I wrote about putting EFT to use for better results in the gym. Now you can check out my secret technique which will help you with setting PR’s in the gym.

My Secret Technique for Getting Results and Breaking Records


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What is the most difficult part of working out for most people? Finding the motivation to do it. It’s probably not a big issue for many people reading here. We love to work out. We enjoy it. But that’s not the scenario for the average person. And even so, we all go through days when we’re just not feeling it.

A bad state can lead to a bad workout. It’s hard to be at your strongest, best conditioned, and most skilled when you feel bad. Of course, this is not always the case. There are times when you feel like crap but get started anyway and have a phenomenal workout. So what’s the different between the two?

It’s useful to be able to tune in to your body. Does your body feel weak? Does your body feel like crap physically? Or is it mentally or emotionally so?

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