Strongman Manifesto soon to arrive

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I’m just finishing up a special report called the Strongman Manifesto that you’ll be able to get early next week at no cost.

Just wanted to let you know its coming. I’ve been writing it for several months off and on but its just about complete.

To give you a glimpse at what’s coming here’s the table contents:

Why be Strong?

Weakness is a Crime, Don’t be a Criminal

What is Real Strength?

How Character Builds Strength

The Physical Side of Strength

Strength as Thought

The Skill of Strength

No Pain, No Gain

The Superhero Archetype


Never Miss a Workout

Never Do Anything Inconsistent with Your Goal

Always Work to the Utmost of Your Ability

Do Everything in Your Power to get Yourself there Faster


Integration of Body-Mind-Spirit

Taming the Beasts

Lost Sense of Adventure

The Love of Training

Strength as a Way of Life

It’s not sales pitch for anything except to sell you on training harder than you already are. Well, I got to get back to finishing it up. Be on the lookout Monday.

In strength,
Logan Christopher


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