Tactical Strength Challenge

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The Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) is a strength competition consisting of three events:

  • A three-attempt powerlifting deadlift
  • Pullups for max reps
  • Kettlebell snatches for max reps in a 5:00 time period

You can find out more at tacticalstrengthchallenge.com

I had the opportunity to participate in my first TSC last weekend. I had meant to do it the previous year but it always fell on days where I had prior commitments.

This time I was definitely going to do it. I had to drive 2 1/2 hours to the nearest place it was held, in Sacramento, CA at Midtown Strength and Conditioning.

And I’m glad I did. This video shows me in all the events. (Thanks to Nick for filming for me.)


First was the deadlift. This was my first time competing on a lift like this. I’m use to the ‘do it however you want’ in the gym approach to training. Being limited to three attempts is quite a different beast.

I opened up with an easy 425. Then I moved up to 455, which felt solid. But then I got a little greedy. I thought the competition would help me so I set my sights on 505. In hindsight I can of course say it was too much as I didn’t budge it much. With my personal record currently at 475 I should have been more modest and gone for that or 485.


Oh well, next event. Bodyweight pullups for reps. Here I hit my expectations. My goal was to break 20 reps, which would be a first. I think my previous best ever was 16-18. I cranked out 21 and was pleased. It looks like my recent one arm chinnup work has some good carryover.


The last event was my best. The kettlebell snatch. To be honest since hitting 301 I had fallen out of practice on this a bit. (That’s something I do pretty often. Hit a big goal and then don’t want to do it again at least for a while.)

My grip was tiring out at the end. It could have been from the previous lifts. It could have been the slicker then normal kettlebell. Still I managed 146 reps. A little slow for my but I was also striving for a harder lockout then before.

Overall it was a great time and I got to meet some great new people. Competition is fun and something I plan on doing more of. There is a big difference in what you can do on the gym and having to perform on demand back to back events.

I’m still awaiting the final results as this is an international competition. Judging by last years results my deadlift was average, pullups above average and snatch right near the top.

Did any of you compete? What were your results?

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. I’m thinking of redoing the video and making it a standalone product but right now as a special bonus you can get How to Kick Ass at the TSC for free along with Kettlebell Snatch Domination.


  1. Very nice, Logan! I wish I could come to the seminar you & Bud are doing but I’m in VA and the cost to fly, etc. was too much. I’ll keep my eye open for future seminars.

  2. You know what’s wierd about that competition? … Everything is a pull. At least one event should be a push… a squat, one arm pushups, mil press, etc.

  3. Hello, Logan. I’m very curious about how you can be so freakishly strong while being very thin? Were you always that way? Is your whole family that way? The long arms that help you on deadlift are a disadvantage in the pullups, yet you do 21. So I’d imagine that genetically you might be neurally activating more fibers than average, but is there something else? There’s gotta be.

    1. Author

      @Meester: Not at all. I was thin growing up but so weak there was a time I couldn’t do a pushup. Everything I can do I earned through training not genetics. And not just physical training but my mind as well.

      @Walt: Yeah I agree with that. But so it is.

  4. I keep checking the results page & your name isn’t showing up… You put up some competitive numbers & I’m wondering where you’d place. Any update??

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