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A Basic Bodyweight Workout Plan

Shane asks about a basic bodyweight workout plan: “What is a good place to start a body weight workout? I cannot do strict military pull ups, but have always wanted to. I’ve tried negatives etc with no success.” You start with where you are at. The main thing to do with bodyweight, or otherwise, is […]

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Improper Alignment Training

… And so here I go contradicting myself. Lately I have been preaching to everyone, especially through my articles, the importance of maintaining good posture through exercise and movement in order to prevent us from continuously adding fuel to the fire when it comes to muscular imbalances. And so I present the following question: should we […]

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Max Unger

Max Unger, better known by his stage name Lionel Strongfort, started his career way back in 1897 when he was most popular for the Human Bridge Act. About fifteen years later, following the end of his stage career, he successfully launched a mail order course called “Strongfortism” which has been featured in numerous popular publications […]

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