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Workouts that Build Your Brain

I love science…but it’s not without it’s problems. One of which is that we often have theories that are just plan wrong. Remember the idea that the brain didn’t grow new neurons as an adult, and wasn’t capable of change? Couldn’t be more wrong. Jim wrote in response to the recent post on diversity of […]

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Getting Started in Modern and Oldtime Strongman

Christopher (no relation) asks: What are some good resources for a person who’s never done strongman training to get started? There’s alot of info out there and it can get a little overwhelming. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks for your time! First of all it’s important to distinguish “strongman” further and this is […]

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Wide Dip

Bodyweight Training with Odd Objects

Just published a new article over at the Progressive Calisthenics blog. This one is all about how you can take the concept of odd objects and apply it to bodyweight training. Odd Object Training with Bodyweight?

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Rotating Deadlift

Learn how to do the rotating deadlift in this video. This move is also known as the hockey deadlift. This is a great way to train and strengthen your spine in movements that it is generally weak in. Some “spine experts” say you should never bend and rotate the spine at the same time, that […]

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Strong Tendons, Ligaments and Bones

Are you looking to build strong tendons, ligaments and bones? This video and article will show you what this means and more importantly how to do it. Make sure to avoid a big mistake that many bodybuilders (and the people who follow their training info) commonly do, and how this can lead to injuries of […]

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