The 50% Workout

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As you know if you’ve been paying attention I’m working on my goal of 100 snatches with the 48kg or 106 lb. kettlebell in 10 minutes.

50percentWhen I first imagined undertaking this goal I thought it would be a little bit easier than it has turned out.

This isn’t the first time I underestimated a physical feat…(probably won’t be the last either)

But the important fact is I am getting closer.

An old idea I used successfully before popped into my mind as I was visualizing achieving this goal.

This was from quite a few years back.

I was working on a goal I put together called the Ultimate Royal Court Challenge.

The Royal Court is a series of three exercises made popular by Matt Furey in his book Combat Conditioning.

  1. Wrestler’s Bridge
  2. Hindu Pushups
  3. Hindu Squats

That was my real start in bodyweight training and my aim at the time was to take this to the next level. Thus my challenge involved a ten minute bridge without the hands, 250 Hindu pushups and 1000 Hindu squats.

All these were to be done back to back and under one hour.

You can read more about that in my article that covered it in depth here.

I was reminded of this because of part of the training I did for this challenge.

I cut the challenge in half, a five minute bridge, 500 squats and 100 pushups (in this case a little less than half).

This was done five or six days in a row!

The order of the exercises was mixed up from day to day. Although I was sore after the first couple days, by the end of the week this workout was easy.

After a few days of rest I then went for the goal. Although I was a few minutes over my target time, just completing the challenge was enough of a success for me.

Now, I’m working on putting this training idea to the test to see if it pans out for this new challenge.

Five minutes and fifty reps with the beast. The goal isn’t to do it but have it be easy.

As this is a heavy weight, it appears a bit tougher, leaving not only muscular soreness, but some joint soreness at times too, I’m not certain I’ll be able to safely do five days in a row of this.

But something close might just prove to be the key.

If it can be done I’m pretty sure, using a bit of physical and mental toughness, the ten minutes and 100 reps can be done.

If you’re working on any type of endurance goal, whether strength-endurance like mine, or a more purely endurance exercise, you can try this format out and see how it works for you.

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