Shouldering a Barbell

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My latest blog post at Breaking Muscle will teach you how to perform one of the classic lifts like an old-time strongman.

How to Shoulder a Barbell Like an Old-Time Strongman

Shouldering a Barbell

Lately, there’s a lot of talk about the bent press. You may have noticed in my article on that classic lift that you begin the movement with the barbell basically in a clean position, except with just one hand. Furthermore, one side of the barbell needs to be behind your head. Thus performing a one-hand clean is not the best option to get into this starting position.

So how do you get the barbell into place to perform the bent press? By an old-time lift known as shouldering a barbell. This exercise is something you just don’t see anymore. Since the bent press became less popular, this movement did as well.

Click here and discover why you should try shouldering, the basic steps to mastering this lift and much more.

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