The “Non-Workout” Workout

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My training as of late has been different than most.

Besides the occasional hill sprints, it is all of the form that Pavel Tsatsouline popularized as “Greasing the Groove”.

This involves doing sets of an exercise throughout the day rather than in a dedicated workout time period.

The goal is far more neurological adaptation than muscular adaptation.

Right now, I’m focused on three different exercises in this manner:

  1. Pullups
  2. Pistol Squats
  3. Kettlebell Presses

My pullup is stronger than ever right now.

I should finally be hitting one of my goals of doing a weighted pullup with “the Beast” aka 48kg or 106 lbs. coming up.

And with that I figured it would be a good chance to complete the Beast Challenge. Besides the pullup this involves pressing and pistoling the beast as well.

I’ve pressed and pistoled the beast before but need to build back up to this strength and skill level once again, hence doing all three exercises.

Since greasing the groove with pullups worked so well, I figured I’d simply add the other two exercises to the mix.

Hold on, it’s time for another set…

Just busted out six reps of pullups with 28kg/62lbs. attached. Second set of the total of ten I’ll be doing today.

I got started with this routine as a result of my gym burning down and a complete change in my routine. And sometimes that is good (the change in routine, not so much the fire!).

Without a power rack, I bought a doorway pullup bar and figured I’d do sets as I came in and left my office.

All my previous efforts didn’t quite get me to the Beast Challenge goal which was often on my someday-I’ll-hit-that-list.

But this routine is getting me very close.

As far as time is concerned this is an easy one to implement as long as you’re in the right place with the right tools for it.

Instead of needing to go to the gym, or dedicating a big block of time, you literally need to steal a minute away a few times a day.

Do it right and you will get stronger.

If you’re looking for a change or looking for a time saving method to get stronger, this is a good route.

If you’re stuck at a plateau with your workout this is a fantastic way that get break you through it.

There’s more on this type of training as compared to other routes inside of The Master Keys to Strength and Fitness 2nd Edition

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