Thick Bar Training

Thick Bar Training

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Thick Bar Training. If you’re here I’m guessing that you are familiar with thick bars and perhaps even use them.

All the old-time lifters used them, often to build a super strong grip. Using their strong hands with a thick bar they could then lift a weight that the average person wouldn’t be able to budge.

All the top modern guys are big fans of them.

In many cases thick bars are better than other hand training, grippers for instance. This is because they work the hands and forearms while also working the rest of the body. Linking in that strength from fingertips to toes.

But here’s the problem. Thick bars ain’t cheap. A good quality one can be around $700!

For this reason people have come up with many homemade versions. I’ve seen some interesting setups using fence posts, PVC pipe, and even hockey pucks. While these are all valid I wasn’t looking for a big project. Call me lazy if you want.

(And after all I currently only have one barbell that I didn’t want to ‘switch’ over permanently to a thick bar. Although this is a valid way to go because then you have no choice but to lift with the thick bar.)

Then I stumbled across these…

Thick Bar Training

From Normal Bar into Thick Bar Instantly

Fat Gripz

So simple. So easy. And cheap too.

With the Fat Gripz you can, in about two seconds, slide them onto a barbell or dumbell and, voila, have a thick bar ready to use.

(As a side note I tried them on kettlebells but that didn’t work out as well as the handle isn’t long enough. But you can use them on a pullup bar for some grip-blasting chinnups!)

They’re made from heavy-duty rubber and feel great when you use them. When put onto a normal barbell the thickness suddenly becomes 2 ¼ inches.

Thick bar training is a secret to becoming super strong. Not everyone has access to a thick bar. But with the Fat Gripz you no longer have an excuse.

I bought my pair a couple weeks ago and have already fallen in love with them. Deadlifts, rows, curls and presses. Just start using them on the exercises you do everyday and your hands will become stronger.

Easily one of the best training tools purchases I’ve ever made for it’s cost and effectiveness.

You can read more about the Fat Gripz and order your set here.

In Strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. I do make a small commission on this product when you order. But as usual I would never recommend anything I do not believe in. I want you to get this product because it’s awesome and I know it’ll take your training up a level.


  1. I saw these a while back, they look pretty cool! I have been using a piece of scaffold pole that I found. I know quite a lot of people that use scaffold poles that they got from builder friends and such, definitely the cheapest way to get a proper full length fat bar 🙂

  2. Logan,

    I’ve seen these before, but by a company called Grip4orce. I think they are endorsed by John Brookfield or some other famously strong set of hands. They seem like similar products, only the Grip4orce comes in two different “abilities.” It’s nice to know there’s more than one company trying their hand (no pun) at this business (FatGripz seem to be more affordable). Have you had the chance to use a true thick bar? I have not, and definitely don’t plan on paying $700 for one anytime soon. If you have used one, how would you compare the experience? Better? Worse? Similar? The best part is you can move them to pullup bars, dumbells, dip bars, or anything else that utilizes a bar I suppose. Thanks for the info.


    1. Thanks to everyone who bought a pair.

      @Jon Chacon: Hadn’t seen the Grip4orce before. I’ve used real thick bar dumbbells though never a barbell. If money was no object then yes I would prefer the bars just for the feel, but the Fat Gripz are so affordable, easy, and feel pretty good too.

  3. I have had a pair for the last 6-months and have nothing but good things to say about them!

    My hands are noticeably stronger : )

  4. Very nice article. Thanks. I have some fat gripz myself. They really are awesome. I’ve seen gripforce once too. Not bad but they’re basically just a fatgripz knock-off IMO and not as good quality. Products aside, thick bar training is incredible. Thanks, Dave.

  5. To Dave’s comment on the Grip4orce product. First of all both products have it’s purpose but if you knew anything about thick bar training you would understand the importance of Grip4orce. Applying force to the bar is the only way you we’ll get results with thick bars. Fatgripz can just lay them in your hands. Try the stiff grip4orce and I guarantee you will feel a big difference. No cheating with these grips, and definitely no knock off. All they did was make thick bars more effective.

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