Trap Bar Farmers Walk

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In this article you’ll find out if it’s possible to do the farmer’s walk with the trap bar and what are the pros and cons of doing it.

Dummbells can be used for the farmer’s walk, whereas there are too much balance issues with barbells.

But what about the trap bar? The position you find yourself in with the trap bar is very similar to the one you’d be in when using regular farmers walk handles and it’s possible to turn with it too. It’s a little bit easier to do it with the trap bar in terms of balance, as it’s all one unit. Your hands are also in a slightly different angle with the trap bar, but this will depend on your build.

Is this gonna carry over to farmer’s walk? Absolutely. It’s not the same thing and it’s best to use the original thing if you’re preparing for a competition.

There is one drawback, however: if you trip and fall you won’t be able to drop the weight like you would with farmer’s walk implements, but instead the gear is going down with you and could potentially seriously hurt yourself. Having said that, practice in a clear area without taking turns and you should be just fine.

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