Pavel Teaches Us About The Value of Practice

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Another guest article has just been put up at Breaking Muscle.

Lessons From Pavel: Strength As a Skill And The Value Of Practice

pavel tsatsouline

As I sat on my bed in my crowded room, I could hear Pavel Tsatsouline’s voice in my head as I read through The Naked Warrior. This book was the first time I was introduced to the idea of strength being about more than just muscle. And before long, I found out just how true that was.

According to Pavel, “Strength is a skill. Training must be approached as a practice, not a workout. You will practice everyday, throughout the day; you will focus on max tension; and you will totally avoid muscle fatigue and failure.” With that in mind, I read about a technique in the book and applied it. All of a sudden, I was stronger than I before. I could do an exercise better in less than a minute because of the skill hack I had been taught. That was many years ago. And over the years I’ve kept coming back to this idea that strength is a skill.

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