Two Flexibility Workouts to Improve Your Pistol

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I put up a new post at Breaking Muscle about two drills to help you improve your pistol.

2 Flexibility Drills: The Keys to Progressing Your Pistol

One Legged Squat

The pistol is one of the best bodyweight exercises for leg training. Even the average person can work up to repping out two-legged squats with just a bit of training, and that‘s a good place to start. But one-legged squats take a bit of dedicated work.

To do the pistol, start from a standing position and extend one leg out in front of you. You will keep this leg hovering above the ground for the entire duration of the exercise. With the working leg, you descend into a full squat and come back up. If you’ve never tried this before, then you’ll discover that to master the pistol takes quite a bit of flexibility, strength, and balance.

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