VITAL Behavior

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One of the books I read, Influencer, used the term vital behavior. What does this mean? It is the behavior that is vital for the outcome you wish to achieve. This book used far reaching case studies like getting Thai prostitutes to use condoms to stop spreading disease, or getting Africans to filter their water. They discussed what needed to be done, and then the steps to influence thousands of people to take up that behavior. Pretty amazing stories.



And this can also work on a personal level. Want to get stronger? Working out is vital to that. Obvious I know. Want to get stronger in a specific way? You better work specifically on that exercise. Human nature is interesting. Most of the time we know what we SHOULD be doing, it’s just that we have a hard time doing it. This can involve training. It can involve any area of your life. So ask yourself: What ONE thing if I did it consistently would lead to the greatest positive change in my life? Go ahead and think of your answer. I’ll wait.

Got it? Good. This can be thought of in broad terms, like your life in general, or you can niche it down to specific areas.

What is the ONE thing for my training?

What is the ONE thing for my job?

What is the ONE thing for my health?

What is the ONE thing for my family?

Now ask yourself how that can be setup as a habit, that leads you step by step to what you want? How can you begin doing something that makes your outcome a sure thing, just a matter of time until you reach it? If you think about this then you’re half way there. Now you need to put it into action. You can get everything you need in the new issue of the Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle.


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